Jennifer Freeman

Google Adwords - Get Online Live!

Jennifer Freeman is the Founder of Be Found Be Chosen – a leading pure play Google Partner and Google Trusted Agency. Jennifer’s unique approach to business and biddable media is a breath of fresh air in the ‘Digital Marketing’ Industry – with good old fashioned plain talking. Jennifer steers clear of the industry’s obsession with acronyms, digital dialect and ‘trying to sound awfully clever’ linguistics in favour of telling you how it works and how you can sell more stuff online.

Jennifer cares passionately about the success and achievements of her clients and it’s her reason for expanding and growing Be Found Be Chosen.

Jennifer has twin girls, aged 6 and spends her spare time doing whatever they tell her to do.

My Sessions

Google Adwords – Get Online Live!

In this session Jennifer will be delivering a fast track to Google AdWords training for 15 minutes, followed by a real time, follow along on your laptop – build your own AdWords Campaign. By the end of the session, she aims to have as many businesses as possible, online and serving on Google in the […]