Jon Leighton

Joining The Dots: Web Design, SEO and The Bottom Line

Jon Leighton is the co-founder and Technical Director of Land Digital, a digital marketing agency based in Newcastle.

Digital is Land’s bread and butter, it’s what gets them up in the morning and ensures they brave the treacherous North East weather on the way into the office. There’s nothing more the Land team love than sinking their teeth into a challenging SEO project, or cracking that stubborn bug in a lengthy piece of code – and if that makes them geeks, then they will wear that title with pride.

As self-confessed nerds, Land are not shy of expressing their passion for all things in the digital space. Whether they’re constructing a beautiful, state-of-the-art website or launching a brand-new mobile application, Land are on a personal mission to see their clients’ businesses succeed. Not afraid of getting our hands dirty – in fact, they love it! The nitty gritty aspects of a project are where the Land team really come into their own – which means they welcome all challenges, big or small.

Based in Newcastle, the Land Digital team are a hardy bunch with a soft spot for digital marketing and software development. Their wide range of online marketing services have been refined through years of dedication and hard work – which is why they are so excited to share them with clients.


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Joining The Dots: Web Design, SEO and The Bottom Line

In this talk, Jon (Land Digital) will shed light on the relationship between web design and SEO, explaining how user experience impacts on optimisation efforts and the effect all this has on the bottom line: conversions. By the end of the session, you’ll have joined the dots between these three factors – taking the first […]